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If I had to choose a single type of product I like the best, I’d have to choose serums. Don’t get me wrong, layers of hydrating toners are a very close second, but there’s nothing like a highly concentrated and effective serum for targeting specific concerns.

The Thai-based company @mellownaturals recently released a trio of affordable serums as well as an oil blend and sent me a set to try out. Their newest offerings include a Vit C natural glow face serum, Clarifying face serum with Sophora root, Botanical concentrated face serum, and the Hydration drops face oil. So far I’ve been impressed with the ones I’ve tried.

• Clarifying face serum is designed for acne control with pine, sophora root, salicylic acid, and tangerine peel extract. This gives it a nice blend of exfoliating and antioxidant rich ingredients. As my skin had a serious episode lately I’ve been reaching for this a lot and found it to calm my skin pretty quickly upon application. It took away some of the redness in the short term, and helped clear my skin up in the longer term.

• The Hydration Drops are a blend of argan, rosehip, strawberry seed, and squalane oils. This has a light feel to it and makes a great oil for the mornings. It doesn’t sit on the skin and feel heavy, and a few drops added to a cream give it a slightly richer feel for drier days.

• Vit C natural glow face serum has MAP vitamin C, niacinamide, jojoba oil, and tangerine peel extract. Since I’ve had some sensitivity lately I cut out most acids and haven’t been able to try this, but plan on adding it in soon.

• The botanical concentrated face serum features Java tumeric, wild tumeric, coconut oil, and ginger root and is meant to brighten the skin. I was the most excited for this as I’d love to add tumeric to my routines, but unfortunately something happened to this one and it solidified in the bottle. I assume temperature changes in shipping. I’ve read other reviews that adore this serum though, so I think mine is a rare case.

Overall I think Mellow has some great serums at affordable prices, these range from $26-$29 each. Plus I love their minimalist style. 

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Mellow Naturals face care

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