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Mellow Naturals @mellownaturals is a Thai brand and as you all know we are based in Thailand so we love to support the locals. Here's the reviews on all of these natural face serums and oils:

Mellow แคลริฟายอิงเซรั่ม สำหรับผิวมันและผิวที่มีปัญหาสิว, acne and oil control for balanced complexion* 💋💋💋

This serum contains many clarifying ingredients and one which was highlighted in the packaging is Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract. It is a Chinese herb that when you use it in the appropriate amount, will be able to effectively provide relief to acne-prone skin, prevent further breakouts and reduce scarring.

Mellow โบทานิคอล คอนเซนเทรด เฟส เซรั่ม | Botanical Concentrated Face Serum, ultimate brightening and pore tightening formula* 💋💋💋💋

If you are looking to brighten and tighten your pores all in one process then this is the serum for you. It contains many good organic ingredients and one of the highlighted is the turmeric. 
There are 10 Beauty Benefits of Turmeric.
1. Facial glow
2. Lighten skin and dark spots
3. Fights skin inflammation 
4. Gets rid of oily skin
5. Inhibits facial & body hair 
6. Wrinkle reducer 
7. Acne treatment 
8. Tan reducer
9. Exfoliates skin
10. Fades acne scars & blemishes

Mellow Hydration Drops, Argan, Rosehip and Strawberry Face Oil, antioxidant and moisturising booster* 💋💋💋💋💋

Are you always looking for ways to add a little extra hydration to your skincare routine? This face oil will do the trick. Their antioxidant ingredients list include all the top ones you need ✅argan oil, ✅rosehip oil and ✅strawberry oil. It is super hydrating and easily absorbed into your skin. I keep reaching for this oil so much now I am out! Really enjoyed it!💧

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