Valentine's Special - What To Do When You Start Seeing Wrinkles

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are slight lines, folds or creases in the skin, and will appear as a result of aging when the skin starts to lose flexibility. It is not something that can be prevented, but what we can do is reduce wrinkles, control the wrinkles we have, and delay the appearance of wrinkles, avoiding premature aging and early signs of wrinkles. Wrinkles tend to start to form by the age of 30 or mid-30's regardless of skin type, however there are factors which can significantly promote appearance and formation of wrinkles. Some obvious causes include (1) long-term, frequent or over-exposure to sunlight or UV rays (2) overuse of facial muscles such as squinting, raising of the eyebrows or frowning (3) poor looking after of the facial skin. 


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What to do with wrinkles?

Addressing over-exposure to sunlight is easy, merely be aware of sunlight exposure and use adequate sunblock whenever possible. Facial expressions are not as easy to control as they are a part of our character, however what we can look at is skin care. Adapting and adjusting your skin care routine is simple but crucial in controlling wrinkles. 

Keep the skin moisturised. As talked about in an earlier post (The Importance Of Healthy Hydrated Skin), bad hydration of the skin, or the lack of it, is a key cause of the appearance of wrinkles, skin blemishes, cellulite and flaccidity – the four factors any skin-conscious individual would be fearful of. A well-hydrated skin on the other hand is flexible and resistant, which adds to overall plump-looking skin allowing it to bounce back more effectively in response to our daily facial expressions and use of the facial muscles. Skin hydration is even more important as we age, the sebaceous glands become increasingly less active and therefore lose its ability to retain water causing the skin to become dry more easily. 

Select effective natural ingredients. There are countless natural skin care ingredients well known and proven to effectively target wrinkles by promoting healthy skin. Examples include argan oil or rosehip oil which primarily help with skin hydration, Vitamin C, Vit C derivatives and Niacinamide which encourage cell renewal, dermal rollers or facial rollers which allow for better absorption of skin care products. Related products: เซรั่มวิตามินซี | Vit C Natural Glow Face Serum, Hydration Drops Face Oil, Jade Roller

Use the right products for your skin. Be sure to test out several products, there is no harm in trial and error to find the most suitable product for your specific skin type. Ultimately perfecting your natural skin care routine is the more sustainable and attractive option to alternatively more aggressive, more invasive techniques such as plastic surgery or filler injections. 

Start early. It is always a good idea to start early and don't wait for wrinkles to start appearing before you adjust your lifestyle habits and skin care routine. Look after your skin from a early age and it will sure thank you at a later stage. 

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