Squalane in the Mellow Naturals Restoration Drops Face Oil

Premium-grade bio-processed sugar-cane derived Squalane, yes, that is what is mentioned on the Mellow Naturals Restoration Drops face oil cover, but what is it really? Let us give you a quick overview. 

Bioprocess refers to a process where living cells or organisms are combined with nutrients, carefully monitored under the correct conditions, to produce a specific by-product or reaction which leads to the desired end-product. 

In regards to the squalane found in the Mellow Naturals face oil, it is squalane which is produced from fermentable sugars with the help of enzyme-catalyzed chemical reactions to form this end product.

Squalane produced via this method is more pure, more stable and of higher quality. The process also allows better preservation of valuable nutrients and minimizing of oil loss. Because manufacturing process is tightly controlled, this ensures very high consistency between lots.  

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Squalane face oil Mellow Naturals natural skin care

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