Meet our Best Seller 'Prime and Protect Essence'

The Mellow Naturals Prime and Protect Essence has been bestseller skincare for many months with countless and continuous positive reviews from customers. The essence offers skin treatment and is also an anti-pollution with its obvious Biosaccharide Gum-4 ingredient which is key to providing that non-occlusive film over the skin to protect it from pollution and harmful UV rays. 

Prime and Protect Essence comes with numerous other nutrient-rich active ingredients which help to strengthen the skin barrier, while also nourishing and treating it to provide long term skin care. With calming and soothing effects, the light water-like texture of the essence makes applying the essence extremely relaxing and pleasurable. The essence has also been proven to help ease conditions of rosacea and other skin irritations or skin rash. Simple and safe to use as part of your daily skincare routine. 

Read more about the Prime and Protect Essence and its full ingredients list here

bestseller skincare essence

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